Head and Facial Shaves

We offer our exclusive old fashioned straight razor shaves starting at only $20 (includes hot lather and hot towels and facial massage). This relaxing and soothing facial shave, performed with hot lather and hot towels, is complimented with a facial massage and your choice of traditional after shave astringents.

Come in for your next straight razor shave today!

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Here’s more information on a straight razor shave:

A straight razor shave provides not only a nostalgic masculine experience, but, as many agree, provides a superior shave. Due to its larger blade, a straight razor is capable of shaving a larger area per stroke, as well as, handling thicker stubble than a modern multi-blade razor which becomes clogged quickly and easily.

Moreover, a multi-edge razor may irritate the skin due to its multi-blade action. This may cause a condition commonly known as razor bumps or razor burn. Many feel one solution to this condition is to switch to a straight razor shaving blade.

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All services include our exclusive shoulder massage, a favorite of many customers.


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