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Some History on Barbers and Barber Shops…

As you probably know, a barber (from the Latin word barba, meaning “beard”) is a person whose occupation is to cut anyone’s hair (men and women) and to shave or trim a man’s beard. The barber shop is commonly the place of work of a barber.

Interestingly, during the Bronze Age (3500 B.C.) in ancient Egypt, priests and men of medicine were the first barbers. It was believed that cutting your hair removed bad spirits and kept good spirits from escaping. So, barbers were highly regarded as spiritual guides. They also performed marriages. Many razors have been found among relics from this time.

The Romans embraced barber shops, “tonsor,” as the daily stop for news, gossip, and hygiene. A young Roman’s first shave was part of his coming of age ceremony.

In the Middle Ages, barbers even took on the role of surgeon and dentist. Thus the barber became known as the “barber surgeon”. Ironically, the modern day red/white barber pole we’ve all come to associate with a barber shop was originally designed to represent¬† the barber surgeon’s duality of trades. The red represented the surgical trade; while, the white represented the barber trade.

Of course, these days are long gone, but the skillful wielding of scissors and razors is still being mastered by barbers around the world. We hope you’ll be a part of this long history of the barber shop if you haven’t done so yet.


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