Barber Standards at Risk

In these troubling political times we at Sunset Point Barber Shop have one smaller bit of information we would like to inform the uninformed public about. Why do I say uninformed? Because your state representatives felt it was no concern of yours to be given this information. Well here it is. The Florida Barbers Board has put together a bill which simple states that any student attending a barber school does not have to take and pass a practical state board exam to prove to anyone that they can cut hair. Your Politicians, barber board members, and those people who represent  the  Florida Board of Professional Regulation must feel that your haircuts are not important enough for them to test future barbers to make sure they are receiving the proper education pertaining  not only to haircutting skills, but also in the study of hair and skin disorders, or about sanitation procedures. I would like to see these political appointees go into a barber shop and get their hair cut by someone who has not been tested and approved by the state. It would be difficult enough to let a new barber cut your hair, but, what if he/she has not been tested by the state.   Could the reason for this be, possibly not enough barber students can pass a state board exam? You ask the question. Let us know what you think. And by all means let your state representatives know how you feel. Think about this next time you go into your barber shop and someone new is going to cut your hair.


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