Barber Shop Personality

I hope this will help those of you who maybe looking for a new barber shop.
First I would consider my age. Then I would look at the average age of the barbers and customers in the shop. If you are 60 or70 years old and walk into a shop where the majority of people are teenagers and shop is listening to Hip-Hop music it’s not going to matter how technically qualified the barbers are you will probably feel uncomfortable and get a bad taste for the shop. It might not be fair it’s just human nature.The opposite is also true. If you are a teenager or young man and walk into a shop full of seniors and senior barbers playing 50’s or 60’s rock n roll or big band music you will feel out of place and will believe these people can never give me what I’m looking for, boy these people make me feel uncomfortable, there is nothing anyone is going to say that will make you feel better. So you will unfairly judge the shop and its barbers. In order to be fair and get what you are looking for, a good haircut that leaves you feeling good, make sure the shop you go to fits your personality. Believe me you will be doing yourself and the barber shop a great favor.

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