Barber Shop Myths


Over the years, we heard several myths about barber shop and we’d like to take a moment to tell you the truth.

First Myth:  Barbers only cut men’s hair.
Truth: Barbers are trained in both men and women’s hair, including all chemical services.

Second Myth: Barbers no longer shave because of the aids virus.
Truth: There is no such law on the books. Shaving is legal as long as the Barber uses proper sanitary procedures.

Third Myth: Barber shops are becoming thing of the past.
Truth: Barber shops are becoming more popular with young men as well as executive types and seniors.

Barber shops offer more than just a fast haircut. Some shops are now offering hair color services, shaves, facial and shoulder massages along with many other services.

We hope you’ll consider us first, but please don’t hesitate to contact barber shop near you, listed online or in the phone book. I am sure you will find one that will fit your needs.

We hope to see you soon.
Sunset Point Barber Shop


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